June 20, 2015

This is the title of a handy little book by former F.B.I agent and Private Investigator, Steven Kerry Brown.  It is packed with true stories about the personal pitfalls that many women fall into along their romantic journey to find Mr. Right.  Most importantly, Steve goes into detail on how to avoid these pitfalls without having to hire a Private Investigator.  Here they are:

  •  Is he married?  If the man you are dating says he’s single or divorced, how do you know he’s being truthful with you?  Wouldn’t y...

June 5, 2015

Perhaps you are an attorney who is thinking about taking a case but before you do, you would like to know if the defendant has sufficient assets to pay for legal fees and to compensate the client for damages.


You have been divorced from your husband for three years and he is paying $300 per month for child support. The last time he picked up the kids, he rolled in with a new red Mustang convertible. You’re driving a ten year old beater and you can barely make ends meet. Then your kids tell you that Dad showed them th...

May 10, 2015


The call is always the same. An exhausted parent who has had a child kidnapped by the spouse calls a Private Investigator and presents her emotional plea for help. She is tired of calling the police and getting the same run-around. She knows the police are doing all they can but it’s not enough.


The PI must be sensitive to the emotional trauma that the client is suffering through. He must provide support, reassurance and direction about what should be done next. The proper role for the PI in these cases is to work...

April 28, 2015

A woman’s husband has been missing for five days. She can’t imagine what has happened and she believes foul play has been involved. She has tried everything and has no clues. The police have been notified but they seem detached and overworked. She decides to hire a private investigator.


An 18 year girl has been missing for two days. The frantic parents have notified the police but all the police can do is file a missing persons report. The parents have no clue why their daughter would run away but her closet is miss...

April 23, 2015


At the conclusion of an investigation, the client has a right to receive a well written report that documents the details of the investigation. After all, a report along with photographic evidence is the only tangible product for which the client pays! Often times, the PI’s report provides the foundation upon which the client’s attorney will build a case. If the report is professionally done, it will almost always ensure a satisfied client which will in turn result in additional assignments or referrals.


A good repo...

April 20, 2015


At Patriot Investigations, the majority of our business comes from the investigation of worker’s compensation cases. When an insurance agent suspects that a claimant is collecting worker’s compensation under a false pretense, they may hire a Private Investigator to determine whether or not the claim is still legitimate. But just what is worker’s compensation and why does it exist?


Worker’s compensation or “worker’s comp”, as it is generally called, is insurance that an employer purchases from a private insurance co...

April 14, 2015

The client's that hire a PI come in two major categories. There are

corporate clients and there are private clients.


Corporate clients include law firms, businesses, national PI agencies, and associate PIs. A PI will typically do business with these clients without a contract because they are professional, protective of their reputation and pay invoices in a timely manner.


Private clients are a mixed bag. There is the wealthy client who just wants results and doesn't care about the cost and then there is the woman who...

April 10, 2015

Insurance fraud is a growth industry today, perpetrated by professional swindlers, attorneys, and dishonest doctors. Also, insurance companies unfortunately appear as fair game for, “honest” people who wouldn't dream of committing a “real” crime. Most of the work that Patriot Investigations performs is directly or indirectly related to insurance fraud. There are three categories of fraud that are investigated:

Falsification of Facts
Whether a claim is completely falsified or select facts are exaggerated in favor of...

April 9, 2015

Very often in the news, we hear accusations against a public figure. Whether the accusations are true or false, these accusations can cause great financial and psychological damage to an individual and his entire family. We have been conditioned to believe that if it makes the news, there must be some basis of truth. The accused is virtually tried and sentenced in the court of public opinion and the concept of innocent until proven guilty is turned on its head.



Public figures have an additional burden of proof over...

April 8, 2015


While it is true that all legal investigators must first become licensed as a private investigator, a legal investigator is a very specialized field of investigation.


Legal investigators work closely with attorneys and are trained in techniques of fact finding and forensic procedures. The legal investigator must interview prospective witnesses and possible parties to the litigation, always searching for facts and evidence that the attorney can use to represent his client in the best way possible. The legal investiga...

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